Stable cat

008_08Looking through my pictures of cats I found this picture of a cat att the riding school in the early 21st century. Original picture on film and scanned by the photo shop. If my memory is correct this is a picture taken with an APS-camera. The cat is named Elsa.

Instamatic, New Forest pony, England in 1970

With an Instamatic in England in 1970 with my parents and a friend. On our way home we went south to New forest and I took a picture of a tiny foal by the roadside. I would very much like to see these ponies again. I don´t know the exact location of this place.

The film used in this photograph was in an plastic cartridge and was called 126 film. The picture is direct positive and usually was shown in viewer or on the wall in a dark room. I have made a few adjustments to the scan and cleaned the sky from dust. The camera was simple with a fixed focal length and was best with landscape photography.

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By the lake in the woods


In the night a lot of bats hunt above the water on this lake close to Hovdala castle in Sweden. But one can experience solitude in town as well as in the middle the woods. And I had in fact company on my trip to the woods. But I walk alone on many mornings on my way to work in town as most other people do. This picture is part of the last APS-film I took with my Minolta APS-camera in 2014. The APS-film is no longer manufactured.

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Feminist demonstration in 1973

The Swedish feminist group “Group 8” founded in 1970 at a 1st of May demonstration in 1973.

In 1973, Group 8, a Swedish feminist group founded in 1970 to better the lives of women and fight for women´s right to work and day care for children participated in a 1st of may demonstration in Malmö, Sweden. A catching slogan I well remember and can still hear in my mind is “Daycare for everybody”. In those days many women were home with their children and only one of ten children went to day care. By the early 1980s one of three children went to day care and today day care is the norm and almost all women work after the child is one year old. And dads take their part of the time parents get as paid leave. It was considered that this feminist group influenced how this came to happen. The pictures were taken by me and I have published them before when I made a project on digitalization as a part of a course I participated in. To see all pictures on this theme have a look at the project site at Moments in Time.

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The sign says “No revolution without a sexual revolution”. Notice the knitted clothes in “hen knitting” that is “Hönsestrick” and the clogs.

Repurposed concrete factory in Klagshamn, Sweden


This picture of a concrete factory seen in the distance in Klagshamn was taken in the beginning of the 21st century. Between 1903 and 1938 it was a part of the concrete factory in Klagshamn. When my youngest child went to riding school the old factory buildings was used as a stable and a riding arena though when the weather was good the riding was almost always outdoors. As you can see the place is on a beach and in the summer the children bathed with the horses while on summer riding school. I have read in the papers that the riding school got a new stable and riding arena since and I don´t know how much of this repurposed old factory is left.

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As times goes by


This is the entrance to the exhibition Bo01 in 2001. Nowadays the new development Western Harbour is situated on the site of the expo and as the place is totally transformed by the time that has passed I can not say where in the Western Harbour this place is today. Taken with with an analog camera Olympus OM-1 and transferred by the photo shop to digital pictures. More pictures on Vintage Weekly.

More about Bo01 in english and swedish on Malmö´s site and in swedish on Wikipedia.

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Water lilies in Asmundtorp

017_14Yesterday we revisited the local fram museum in Asmundtorp. Sadly the little pond that housed waterlilies in 2003 had grown over and the waterlilies were there no more. I was told that a lot of work was needed to keep the pond clear. As the people working at the museum all are volunteers and are getting old the pond had to go. But we had a lovely day at the open day at Asmundtorp local museum. The picture above was taken on our visit in 2003. I share this with Vintage Weekly.