Vintage Weekly: Square in Malmö, Sweden

009_09Vintage Weekly: I have vainly tried to place this picture in the geography. I think it is Nydalatorget in Malmö. To be quite sure I would have to go there and check the geography. One generally only knows the parts of  town well where one live and work and the central parts of town. The picture was taken during a guidetour by town architect Tyke Tykesson and is somewhere in the vicinity of Augustenborg. The houses are built during the era during the 1960s when Sweden tried to build a home for everybody. It was called “the million project” or “miljonprojektet”. When young people with kids started to move to the smaller villages around town there was a surplus of apartments in town and the project was stopped. The movement outside the towns was called “the green wave” or “gröna vågen” . The picture is taken in 2004 with an APS-camera.

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