Vintage Weekly: Malmöhus Castle circa 2004

007_07Vintage Weekly: Malmöhus castle photographed in the beginning of the 21st century. Outside the picture the medieval building is flanked by a turret on each side. On the top there are small openings for defending the castle by pouring tar and such things and the traces can be seen of a garderobe on the front wall of the building.

The original castle was built by Eric of Pomerania in 1434 and it was said to be his favourite castle. Erik of Pomerania was nephew to Queen Margaret of Denmark, Norway and Sweden (Margareta, Magrethe) and was grandson to the king Valdemar Atterdag of Denmark.

The earl of Bothwell is also said to have been imprisoned for a while at the castle.

In the beginning of the 1900s the castle was a prison. Later it became a museum and during the evacuation of holocaust victims from Germany after the second world war the museum director packed down the museum pieces and victims from the concentration camps were housed in Malmöhus castle.

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