Vintage Weekly: Reindeer horns on the roof

13r1_10Vintage Weekly: A car in Malmö that has been visiting the north of Sweden as can be seen by the reindeer horns on its roof. Norrland were the reindeers graze is as far north of Malmö as Italy is south of Malmö. Sweden is a country that stretches from the north to the south and Malmö is in the south across a sound close to Denmark. Then it took an hour to Denmark by ferry, nowadays there is a bridge that takes ten minutes to cross by train. Once upon a time southern of Sweden where I live belonged to Denmark before it became a Swedish province in 1658. I don´t know which country the car comes from as I don´t recognise the sign on the car. The picture is taken at the end of august in 1972. It is scanned from a black and white negative film and I have punched it up a bit for the web but not retouched it.

Update 2013-06-28: A colleague told me this car is probably a Trabant and probably from Poland.


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