Vintage Weekly: Lion at Lions’ market

lejonmVintage Weekly: This picture is taken at a Lions market for Childrens day charity in the beginning of the 1970s. The picture is diapositive and the frame is the cardboard mounting. I have freshened up the colors but otherwise not retouched.

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8 thoughts on “Vintage Weekly: Lion at Lions’ market

    • Probably The Lions Club in Malmö, Sweden. But could also be from parts of the town as outlying parts were incorporated with the Malmö town in the beginning of the 20th Century. For example the borrough of Limhamn was incorporated but still have a Lions club. Sorry don´t have more specific information. The picture is taken in 1970 but googled it and Lions Malmö have a page at and Lions Limhamn I wish you a great sunday!

      • Thank you Christina (I’m using this Sunday for a much-needed catch up on the blogs – so quite happy that the weather is not tempting me out!). I was interested as I was a Lion for many years – in fact it was as a Lion that I went to and subsequently spent many years in Romania. I seem to be following quite a few Swedish photographers – Hasselblad influence?

      • Maybe, but the camera that I used then was japanese, a Yashica. Hasselblad were expensive then and I suppose even more now. But I have a few pics taken with a Hasselblad when I went to photography school It´s a small world nowadays. I hope your sunday indoors will be a good one!

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