Cerinthe major

1090802_1090803This picture of blue wax flower, Cerinthe major,  is taken in my garden in the beginning of the 2100st century. It is a very sweet flower.  More  pictures at  Vintage Weekly # 69.



6 thoughts on “Cerinthe major

  1. Great picture, but just a word of caution – I would be very wary about eating or even nibbling plants if I didn’t know exactly what they were and a good idea of what properties they have.

    I always love seeing Cerinthe major – it’s a great cottage garden plant.

    • Thank you for drawing my attention to this posting. The picture is of cerinthe major but I had an edible berry in my garden that same year that I no longer know the name of as I don´t have the seed packet any more. It was black with the same color on the fruit juice as blackberry, small black seeds and it tasted a little off. It was if I remember correctly from south America. I think it was an annual even in its home country. Thus my mistake with this picture. But I will change the text completely to avoid misunderstandings. Thank you! I wish you a good day!

      • If you knew the other berry was edible, I can understand completely you tasting it! I should have realised. There’s been a few scare stories recently in the UK press about the effects of plants, including aconitum, which is particularly bad, so I was just being cautious.

      • I agree totally with you that one should never eat anything that one don´t know what it is. I realised this summer we have deadly mushrooms in the garden and that they probably were here when the children were small as well. Lucky they weren’t the kind that puts things in their mouths. But one never knows. I wish you a good day!

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