To the memory of Anna Lindh

Vintage Weekly: In 2003 there was an election concerning joining the euro system in Sweden. One of the politicians from the socialdemocratic party that acted for “yes to euro” was Anna Lindh. She was a very strong card to be Swedish prime minister in the next ordinary election. The election about euro was on the 14th of september 2003. On the 10th of september Anna Lindh was stabbed to death in a big shopping mall in Stockholm. She died on the operating table during the night, on  september 11. One discussed to postpone the election but decided to go through with the election but stop the commercials in tv and on the advertising pillars. The posters were replaced with neutral white posters. These pictures are taken on september 11 and september 12 2003. More information on Anna Lindh on wikipedia.

These pictures are scanned from paper pictures as I seem to have mislaid the cd they were on. Click on the pictures for bigger size.


3 thoughts on “To the memory of Anna Lindh

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    • Thank you! The killer was caught quite soon but he will probably never get our of prison, I hope. This was one of these moment one remember exactly where one was and what one did when you got to know what happened. I wish you a good week.

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