Vintage Weekly: In Helsingör Harbour

21AVintage Weekly: This picture is taken in Helsingör in 1999 or 2000. The film is scanned by the photoshop that developed the film and I haven’t made any color corrections even though I think the colors look unnatural.

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4 thoughts on “Vintage Weekly: In Helsingör Harbour

  1. I love the vibrant colour of that boat!! Why did you take the photo in the first place? I find I wonder that about a lot of the vintage photos that I see – what was the photographer capturing? What was her frame of mind?

    • We were killing a few hours in Helsingör before returning to Helsingborg. I had started to photograph again after a period of circa 25 years when I only photographed family and pets. So i was essentielly just looking for good motives. I wish you a good week ahead of you!

    • Thank you! Sometimes you can find this coloring on pictures in books, But at the time you bought a film and hoped for the developing of the film and the printing of the copies to turn out for the best. I wish you a good sunday! And thanks for hosting the meme!

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