Vintage Weekly: Föreningsgatan, Malmö 1973

IMG_0020Vintage Weekly: This picture is from Föreningsgatan in Malmö in the beginning of 1973. I pass here daily when I get of the bus on my way to work. The house on the right side is demolished and replaced with an apartment building in yellow brick.


2 thoughts on “Vintage Weekly: Föreningsgatan, Malmö 1973

  1. I’m always sad when a vintage building is torn down. Sad that too many people see no value in a building just because it’s old. The scene is interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thnak you! I think it was in a very bad shape. But at the time there was a major (really community leader) that was fond of tearing buildings down. The then housing minister came to Malmö and exclaimed that Malmö looked like a bombed city. And those bombholes stayed with us until the beginning of the 21st century when the lack of housing began to be apparent. During many years there were to many appartments in the city and that led to much land remained unbuilt amongst them the empty lots where houses had stood.

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