Vintage Weekly: Rörsjöparken from above

IMG_0012Vintage Weekly: The picture is taken though a window from the sixth floor in 1972 (as you can see by the reflection in the window). It is a view over Rörsjöparken and the houses on the other side of the park lies along the street that runs along the Canal. This little pond is what is left of Rörsjöarna. The land was originally donation land that was donated to the common good by the Danish king. Through the centuries people changed the lots of land between them and eventually a lot of donation land came to be gathered on the marshlands at Rörsjöarna. Rörsjöstaden in Malmö is built on drained marshland. And because the land was donated to the common good there is a whole range of public institutions along Drottninggatan, the Latin school, the fire station and the three County Board Houses and this remnant of the lake.  It is scanned from a black and white negative film and I have punched it up a bit for the web.


2 thoughts on “Vintage Weekly: Rörsjöparken from above

    • Thank you! The film was black and white. I work nearby and take photos on my way to and from work. I dixcovered a japanese cherrey tree that blossomed in the park a few weeks ago. I wish you a good sunday!

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