Kungsgatan in the early 1970s

Vintage Weekly: The picture to the left  is taken with a Yashica Electro in the beginning of the 1970s probably in 1972 when I lived in the area. The church in the background is Saint Paul’s Church, an octagon church in the middle of a boulevard. The picture to the right is taken in january 2014 with a digital Canon camera and is a block closer to the church but you can see that the trees that were severely cut in 1972 have healed and that the crossing streets have been replaced by walkways. I have read that some of the trees did not fare well by the severe cutting that was made in the 1970s and needed replacing. But as you can see in the many pictures I have shown  from the same place today as I work in the area, the contrast with these cut trees and the leafy tunnels of todays is quite great. The street in the foreground is now a walkway and Kungsgatan is now one long walkway only cut at two places by  intersecting roads along the boulevard. The picture is taken on so called direct positive film that used to be shown on a white screen or on a white wall. I have cleaned the sky from dust and punched it up a bit for the web but otherwise left the picture as it is.  For more picture from Kungsgatan look at my main site From My Horizon  or on this site here.


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