In the woods around Hovdala

imm023_24This summer I found another leftover APS-film in the house. Lucky I haven´t thrown out the old APS camera yet. So this picture is taken in September 2014 in the woods around Hovdala castle in Skåne, Sweden. Power station to the left and old buildings in the old crafter´s village around Hovdala castle. More pictures from Hovdala taken with digital cameras can be found on my other blogs, From My Horizon and Weekly Weather.

More pictures on Vintage Weekly.


4 thoughts on “In the woods around Hovdala

  1. Awesome shot, I still have two APS camera’s although I don’t think the film is marketed anymore ( did see some rare monochrome APS film for sale a couple of months ago-nice to see some vintage today shots. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you! The film is not made any more but a few rolls can be bought on ebay now and then. I also saw a stand with film in Japan in 2013. The cartoons were very bleached. But this was probably the last roll in the house. I wish you a good week!

  2. I know that I haven’t used a camera that needs film in over 12 years. I appreciate looking at the photos from such cameras, but I wasted money having fphotos developed with blurrry, too much light, etc. I love being able to discard such pics without paying for them. This scene is bucolic; I miss the peace and quiet of being in the country, but I do not miss the work it took to live in a rural area.

    • Thank you! I don´t miss film either, I would have taken much more photos in my life if it hadn´t cost that much. I found this unexposed roll in a camera my daughter used as a child so it can be up to 15 years old but it aged well. Luckily I hadn´t thrown the camera away yet. I have one more unexposed ordinary 135 roll left but need to buy a battery for that camera and hope it works, or find the other cameras I used before buying the digital SLR camera. I can´t understand where I put them. But I recently found my cameras from the 1970s I haven´t seen for years so there is hope, I think.
      The picture is from the woods around Hovdala castle where it is said my grandmother’s mother was born and her father was one of the outdoor servants at the castle. I haven´t been able to check the story so it is hearsay. But they were somehow connected as servants to a big house in this area and as I have heard it is this place.
      When my parents who grew up in the countryside moved to town they choose a newly built apartment with warm water,an electric stove and an indoor toilet. At that time there still were apartments in town with cold water and a toilet in the yard and still was when I moved out in the early 1970s. I lived in an apartment with cold water for a short time with no shower or bath tub available. Happy it is different now. I wish you a good week!

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