On the path leading to Hovdala

imm018_19This summer I found another leftover APS-film in the house. Lucky I haven´t thrown out the old APS camera yet. So this picture is taken in September 2014 in the woods around Hovdala castle in Skåne, Sweden. The path leads to Hovdala castle in southern Sweden. The castle was  damaged during the Scanian war that was fought between Denmark and Sweden. The province of Scania became Swedish in 1658. More pictures from Hovdala taken with digital cameras can be found on my other blogs, From My Horizon and Weekly Weather.

More pictures on Vintage Weekly.


4 thoughts on “On the path leading to Hovdala

    • No that is correct it is leaves on the path. Some trees had started to be yellow and brown. I suppose a few had fallen already when we were there in September. I know that on some streets in the town where I live the leaves start to fall off some trees just after midsummer at the end of June and autumn is several months away but the trees still retain most of their leaves until late autumn. I wish you a good week!

    • Thank you! I suppose this will be the last roll with this camera unless I find more hidden in the house. But I have an ordinary 135 roll lying around but need to get a battery or find the camera I used when I bought the digital SLR camera. I wish you a good week!

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