DSC_3919The pictures this week are not taken with an analog camera but with a digital camera but they show an analog camera; the famous Instamatic manufactured by Kodak. This is a newer model, Instamatic 56-x from the years 1972 – 1976, that I found in a relative’s stash of things. My father bought an Instamatic when it was new in 1963 and it looked different. I wonder if I will find it or maybe I have thrown it out? I also found flash cubes that could be used with the camera. To see a pictures taken with an older instamatic camera than this one have a look at the tag instamatic on this site or on my main blog From My Horizon. A shortcut to Instamatic pictures are the three suggested post below this post. The pictures were square in format and measured 24*24 mm if my memory is correct. More about Instamatic can be found on Wikipedia. More pictures on Vintage Weekly.DSC_3920DSC_3923



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