Carousel at Christmas


Christmas time means a carousel on Gustav Adolfs torg, the central square in Malmö. The square is named for a Swedish king but I don´t know which king as there have been several by that name. The first Gustav Adolf was Gustavus Adolphus (born 9 December 1594  and dead 6 November 1632). The latest king by that name was Gustav VI Adolf, grandfather to the present king. He was born in 1882 and died in 1973 at he age of 90 years old. His son Gustav Adolf, father of the present king, Carl XVI Gustav, was killed in an airplane crash on Copenhagen airport in 1947, and was the last one to wear the name Adolf. Adolf is not a popular name today for well known reasons. But the name remains in names of places named after the kings of Sweden.  But in daily talk we often just say ” we are going downtown to Gustav” as the full name is too long.

The picture is probably from 2002 and probably taken with an Olympus camera. More pictures on Vintage Weekly.



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