Photo bomber

023_23-3 I am house cleaning and I found an envelope on a book shelf with analog pictures of horses from 2004 I knew I hadn´t on my loose hard drive where I store my digital picture files. The film is an APS film taken in 2004. A little unusual as it is a black and white film. That is these pictures are not converted from color, the film was a black and white film. The APS film was a sort of hybrid between the digital and the analog world and the film is not made any more which means the APS cameras are worthless.

The data for the film was stored in a little chip of some sort on the film canister and among this data is the information about which size you choose when you took the film. But the scans made by the photoshop included the entire negative. I had a look at the contact sheet and cut it according to the marks on the contact sheet. The pictures weren´t in the envelope any more. Probably in an album somewhere or in my daughter’s stuff. Above you can see the whole negative including a photobomber I didn´t see in the viewfinder at the time as I only saw the selection I had made, see below for the beautiful white mare and her foal.

More pictures on Vintage Weekly and on Camera Critters.



2 thoughts on “Photo bomber

  1. Love the photo bomb from the other horse, beautful image of Mare with her foal. I saw some rare Black and White APS film on sale a while back, didn’t even know it came in monochrome. Thanks for sharing this beauty of a find 🙂

    • Thank you! You could buy it as a direct positive as well but then you couldn’t choose which format. I tried one film of that as well. I wish you a good weekend!

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