Enveloped in memory

dimma3A rather unsharp picture taken during the autumn or winter of 1970 with my first camera a Yashica TL-Electro during a walk in Malmö. As I remember it we walked from the area around Malmö stadion to Limhamn. The street looks very like the street I live on today with a hedgerow of willows that traditionally were cut every year for food and material to make baskets of. Today the willows are cut every third year or such. The trees can be found along streets that used to be country roads and along borders between properties and fields.

I think we became a little lost on our late autumn walk and this is possibly the street I live on today. It looks like it. But there are other streets nearby that it could be, amongst them the road where Zlatan Ibrahamovic’s luxury villa is located. That road is not as narrow as this road on the picture looks like so I don´t think it is there but it would fit more with where we should have walked between those places.

Even though the picture is unsharp and fuzzy the cars are very much of a make typical of the sixties with round forms. As for the rest the mystery of which street remains enveloped in the darkness and the fog in the picture as well as the time that has passed and my inability to remember exactly where. But as I remember it we walked and suddenly didn´t know exactly where we were. Well we found our way home but it was probably not the most straight way.

The film was a direct positive and I have made a few corrections to make it better on the web. More pictures on Vintage Weekly.


2 thoughts on “Enveloped in memory

  1. Looks cold, camera’s were not that great in capturing night shots that they are today-even handheld. Nice story behind the image though and thanks for sharing 🙂

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