Lighthouse in Elsinore Harbour


This is one of two lighthouses at the inlet to the ferry harbour at Elsinore Harbour taken from the ferry between Elsinore  (/Helsingör that is the local name) and Helsingborg at the end of the 20th century. The picture is taken with an analogue camera on film and scanned by the photoshop that developed the picture.

On the trains to Copenhagen I always notice when the announce that “The train continues to Elsinore!. It sounds like something out of Shakespeare. The name in Danish and Swedish is Helsingör. The twin city on the Swedish side is called Helsingborg. And the “helsing”-part in the names of both cities seems the have its origin in narrow strait,  a “hals” like the passage between the two countries and the two cities. Hals in Swedish also means neck. And in Hamlet the city is named Elsinore.

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