I am interested in miniatures, books and photography.

I use several cameras, some small compact cameras have varied in make over the years. I have a Nikon D3000 with three lenses that often travel with me in my backpack.

My first camera aside from the Instamatic my father bought on our way to Norway in 1963 was a Yashica half-automatic camera bought 1970. It was followed by a Canon ftb some years later. From the 1980s I photographed with Olympus Om1 with several lenses and from the late 1990s with several makes of small compact digital cameras alongside the analog Olympus and a Minolta APS camera bought in 2002. In november 2010 I at last bought a Nikon D300o on sale when a photo shop had to close. I also photograph with a Canon Eos 1100d.

Vintage Photograpy is an extension of my main blog, From My Horizon. I also have a weather log on Weekly Weather  and a bird pictures blof on Birdbrain.  Pictures on these themes from before I started the daughter blogs can  be found on From My Horizon.

I have also made an examination project during spring 2013 with pictures I have scanned from black an white films I took in the early 1970s. To look at them head for Moments in time (English) or to  Ögonblick i tiden (Swedish).



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