Feminist demonstration in 1973

The Swedish feminist group “Group 8” founded in 1970 at a 1st of May demonstration in 1973.

In 1973, Group 8, a Swedish feminist group founded in 1970 to better the lives of women and fight for women´s right to work and day care for children participated in a 1st of may demonstration in Malmö, Sweden. A catching slogan I well remember and can still hear in my mind is “Daycare for everybody”. In those days many women were home with their children and only one of ten children went to day care. By the early 1980s one of three children went to day care and today day care is the norm and almost all women work after the child is one year old. And dads take their part of the time parents get as paid leave. It was considered that this feminist group influenced how this came to happen. The pictures were taken by me and I have published them before when I made a project on digitalization as a part of a course I participated in. To see all pictures on this theme have a look at the project site at Moments in Time.

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The sign says “No revolution without a sexual revolution”. Notice the knitted clothes in “hen knitting” that is “Hönsestrick” and the clogs.