Vintage Weekly: Big format camera

IMG_0021-2Vintage Weekly: The camera is a Sinar, a big format camera used in fashion, architecture, advertising and portrait. As you can see it is not a camera that is easy to transport so it has no use in news photography. It is original in that you build it from the parts you wish to use. This camera is mounted vertically to photograph some small thing on the mounted disc. I have seen on facebook that Gregory Crewdson uses Sinar with a digital back nowadays. His photography is great but he is not a documentary photographer as he “produces” his pictures like a film director produces a movie.

I don´t remember the exact dimensions of the film sheets we used but it was something like 6 cm * 9 cm that was loaded into a cassette. One could also use bigger sizes of film sheets. As the negative was bigger the sharpness was better much like we today hunt for more megapixels in the camera. The picture above is taken in 1972 or 1973 with black and white film with a 135 roll film. The camera was expensive then and I imagine it is still more expensive today.

The picture is scanned from a negative and I corrected exposure and contrast. But I am not quite sure what the white thread on the picture is, if it is some scratch or something hanging on to the camera. Anyhow not retouched.

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